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Radiation Dose Rate Meter T202

Doserate Meter T202Tracerco Australia offer a wide range of radiation survey meter, including the TRACERCO™ T202: Intrinsically Safe Radiation Dose Rate Meter.

TRACERCO™ T202: Intrinsically Safe Radiation Dose Rate Meter

Radioactive materials are employed routinely in industry to facilitate a wide range of measurements including Process Level Control, Fluid Separation and Non-Destructive Testing. In order to protect the workforce from exposure and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, radiation doserates must be carefully monitored and controlled.

The TRACERCO™ Radiation Dose Rate Meter has been specifically designed to combine intrinsic safety with ruggedised but lightweight construction and provides additional key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak doserate memory.

The TRACERCO Radiation Dose Rate Meter offers the following important features:-

  • Intrinsic safety for use in potentially explosive environments including zones 0, 1 and 2 hazardous areas – eliminates the need for a specific hot work permit.
  • Detects x-rays and gamma rays down to 60keV.
  • Digital bar graph display: 0.1 - 1000 Sv/h.
  • Digital doserate indication: 0-10,000 Sv/h.
  • Displays down to 0.1 Sv/h.
  • Integrated dose function – allows the instrument to be used as a personal dosimeter.
  • Peak dose rate memory – allows maximum exposure levels to be recorded remotely enabling operators to minimise their dose uptake.
  • Displays calibration due date.
  • Back light facility.
  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds.
  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction provides an all-weather instrument.

(Optional mRem display units available for USA operatives).

TRACERCO™ T202 Radiation Dose Rate Meter Specification


The TRACERCOT202 Radiation Dose Rate Meter can be purchased complete with:

  • Robust weatherproof transit case
  • Extension clamp kit
  • Protective leather holder
  • Safety signs and labels



Please contact us for more information about the TRACERCO™ T202 Radiation Dose Rate Meter or alternatively fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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