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Radiation Contamination Meter T401

Tracerco Australia offer a wide range of radiation survey meters, including the TRACERCO™ T401 Radiation Contamination Meter.

TRACERCO™ T401: Radiation Contamination Meter

This non-intrinsically safe contamination meter combines the same high level of functionality and environmental tolerance normally associated with the T201 and provides a highly cost effective alternative where intrinsic safety is not a consideration. The instrument is particularly suited to the detection of radioactive contamination which can arise in a variety of industries where man-made or naturally occurring isotopes are processed, including Nuclear Power, Land Remediation, Research and Development and Medicine.

The TRACERCO™ T401 Contamination Meter has been designed to meet the challenge of combining operational reliability with excellent sensitivity and a number of additional key features such as, direct surface ability mode and peak reading to simply make life easier for the worker.

TRACERCO™ T401 Radiation Contamination Meter Features:-

  • Excellent sensitivity for the detection of alpha / beta / gamma radiation
  • Dual bar graph meter display: 0–1000 cps.
  • Digital numeric display provides automatic direct translation to Bq/cm2 for 14+ pre programmed nuclides (natural and man-made).
  • Detachable radiation probe with up to 1.5 metres of extendable cable.
  • Optional extension arm attachment for surveying contaminated pipework, drains, laboratory floors etc.
  • Probe stepwise rotatable through 90° for internal surface measurements.
  • Displays calibration due date.
  • Backlight facility.
  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds.
  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction and modular integrated electronics provide an all-weather instrument with minimal servicing and maintenance costs.

TRACERCO™ T401 Radiation Contamination Meter Specification

The TRACERCO™ T401 Radiation Contamination Meter Accessories:

  • Robust weatherproof transit case
  • Extension arm kit
  • Protective leather holder
  • Sr90 test source
  • Safety signs and labels


Please contact us for more information about the TRACERCO™ T401 Radiation Contamination Meter or alternatively fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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